Surveillance, Victim and Witness statements in Rochester | Lou Falvo | Group Consult

We Offer Thorough Background Checks in Rochester, NY 

Lou Falvo, Private Investigator & Process Server, offers various attorney services, including background checks in Rochester, NY. Lou works closely with his clients to gather information for their legal cases. As a private investigator, he has the tools and resources needed to collect this background data and deliver it to the attorneys who require it. Call him today at (585) 484-8342 to learn more about the assistance he can provide or to enlist his attorney services for your own case.

Collecting Victim and Witness Information 

In addition to gathering background information, Lou Falvo can also help collect victim and witness statements for your case. He will use a combination of written documentation with recorded audio and video when gathering the data for these statements. This way, you will have copies of the statements and interviews for your own records. 

Additionally, Lou Falvo is also a qualified process server and can deliver required court documents to all involved parties. Whether you are summoning a witness to testify in court or sending official legal writs, trust Lou to serve them properly. So contact his office when you need to gather a victim impact statement or when you need to serve documents to a witness.