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A Private Investigator for Businesses in Rochester NY

Business Intelligence  

Keep your company safe with the help of Lou Falvo, process server and private investigator for businesses in Rochester, NY. As a licensed private investigator Lou performs background checks, provides video surveillance, or serves legal documents. His business intelligence services are charged by the hour, including mileage and expenses. Lou has no special legal authority.

Background Investigations

Clients who aren't sure what a person has told them is true may want a background check. Employers can check out a new employee's credentials and licenses, too. After getting the basic information, Lou can check out the specifics. For instance, if you have a problem neighbor, Lou can see if the neighbor has caused trouble in the past. Sometimes, parents living outside the country want Lou to find out what their children living in the States are doing. Information is only given to the person who hired Lou. Before moving forward, Lou needs a written request from clients. Employ his services today for help with:

• Marriage Issues • Criminal Records • Suspected Drug Use • Bankruptcy


Businesses of all types can keep track of their employees during the day. Insurance companies may also use video surveillance to keep track of a subjects daily activities. Lou starts surveillance at a subject's home and follows. If the subject stops anywhere, Lou takes video of the visit. All video is turned over to the insurance company, client, or attorney to watch without Lou touching it. Lou documents individuals within a specific time frame.

Private Investigator for Businesses in Rochester | Lou Falvo | Company Car

GPS Tracking

Lou Falvo utilizes the most current GPS technology to track vehicles in real time. A historical record is maintained by the website server for 30 days for future reference. Our GPS units are battery powered and may be monitored live in the field on a laptop or PDA or your smart phone. GPS tracking device allows for more efficient surveillance of a vehicle without fear of losing the vehicle in traffic or at a traffic signal or construction area.

Advantages of our GPS Units

• Real time monitoring.
• Easily secreted in back pack or vehicle
• Geo Fences: Notification by text message and/or email whenever the tracker enters or leaves a geographical boundary of interest.

Examples of when Live GPS Tracking is beneficial:

• Matrimonial / Infidelity Investigations
• Placed in a back pack or your child’s vehicle
• Company Owned Vehicles- Know where your vehicles and employees are at all times. Is your employee using the vehicle for personal business? Is your vehicle being operated in a safe manner? Is your vehicle being driven recklessly at high speed.

Process Server

Lou also serves people to let them know about a legal action being filed against them. He complies with all of the requirements of being a process server. Lou can serve:

• Legal Documents • Legal Cause • Petitions • Summons

Contact Lou, today for more information about our private investigation services from video surveillance to process server and surrounding areas.