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Thorough Infidelity Investigations in Rochester, NY

Get the Evidence With Video Surveillance

Do you suspect your partner of infidelity? Lou Falvo specializes in infidelity investigations in Rochester and can help you find the truth in an objective manner. His services are available within 100 miles of Rochester, New York. Most investigations are charged by the hour, including mileage and expenses.

Child Custody

When couples break up, they sometimes fight for full custody. Lou serves clients who feel their children aren't in a good situation, often because of potential abuse or the involvement of the custodial parent with someone inappropriate. There may also be concern that supervised visits aren't happening. Other relationship problems hazardous to children include drug use, a criminal record, or living in a bad neighborhood.

Investigating Parents

Lou conducts a full background check on everyone in the situation. He also performs surveillance to ensure supervised visitation takes place. Video surveillance can confirm drug or alcohol involvement, which is difficult to prove. Lou documents everything, and follows parents to where they buy drugs or alcohol. Even if the client's suspicion is wrong, most get peace of mind knowing they don't have to worry about their children. If it's right, Lou works the case so clients can prevail. Most attorneys won't challenge Lou's information in court because they know it's accurate.


Sadly, infidelity is a worry that plagues many relationships. If you have reason to suspect your partner, contact Lou Falvo today. He tracks phone numbers and monitors websites. Lou can install a GPS tracker on your partner's vehicle and document every place it visits. From there, he can stake out locations where your spouse spends a lot of time.

Assets Check

If a business partner or ex-spouse is hiding money, you need an experienced private investigator for business in Rochester to get an assets check and protect yourself. One client's husband claimed he was nearly bankrupt and wasn't paying the child support or mortgage. She thought something was suspicious, so Lou checked and found money in her husband's bank account. A nationwide bank check found $3 million and a further check of offshore accounts found another $6 million with different companies. If someone has multiple bank accounts or safety deposit boxes, Lou will document it, verify it, and even connect you with an attorney. Lou double-checks the money before divorce and makes sure it gets to his clients. This service is charged as a flat rate.

Surveillance and Infidelity Investigations in Rochester | Lou Falvo | Woman Questioning Her Fiance

Attorney Services / Litigation Support

  • Activity Checks/ Surveillance
  • Victim/ Witness Statements
  • Photographic and Video Documentation
  • Written Recorded and Video Recorded Interviews and Statements
  • Process Service Subpoena/ Court Order Service/ Restraining Orders
  • Notary Public
Surveillance and Infidelity Investigations in Rochester | Lou Falvo | Attorney Services