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Are you involved child custody issue? Do you believe your spouse might be hiding something? Lou Falvo, private investigator in Rochester, NY can find out what is going by conducting a thorough investigation. When you need the services of a detective agencyvideo surveillance and other investigative techniques are used to uncover infidelity, drug use, and even fraud.

Lou can conduct assets check to determine if your spouse has hidden money in the USA or abroad.

Custody & Divorce

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Protect your business with the help of an experienced private investigator. Lou has 40 years of investigative experience. He can advise you on how to manage security. He can help you uncover theft; provide pre-employment background checks to verify applicant's credentials. Lou can provide GPS to monitor your company vehicles.  Competitor intelligence reports and help with enforcing Non- Compete Contracts. Lou can conduct surveillance to uncover workers compensation fraud, theft and nefarious activity.

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About Lou Falvo

Your concerns may be valid or may not, but for “PEACE OF MIND” trust Lou Falvo Private Investigator & Process Server help you through a difficult time.

Based in Rochester, New York, Lou serves clients within a 100-mile radius of Rochester, New York.

Lou specializes in child custody, matrimonial/infidelity, background checks and locating assets nationwide and abroad. Lou provides physical surveillance, and can provide GPS tracking. His clients include private citizens, attorneys, and businesses.

Lou worked in Naval Intelligence from 1966 to 1972. He had always wanted to be a private detective, so in 1974, he began working for two private investigators in Syracuse, New York. He spent four years learning the business before traveling to Rochester, New York in 1978 to open an office of his own.

Lou understands how difficult and painful it is for his clients who are dealing with infidelity and child custody issues. Lou will take the time to get all the information and plan a strategy that will help you prevail in court. Lou will advise you about what to do and what not to do to be sure that you do not become your own worst enemy

As a well-respected businessman, Lou gets many referrals from satisfied customers and is happy to provide references upon request.

You'll often find Lou accompanied by his partner and protector Ellie, a German Shepherd Dog.

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Sadly, infidelity is a worry that plagues many relationships. If you have reason to suspect your partner, contact Lou Falvo today. Lou tracks phone numbers and monitors social media.


Despite all the changes in the divorce laws with No-Fault Divorce, many people still require “Peace Of Mind”. Many times spouses are told they are crazy and the cheating spouse is able to convince family members that you are delusional or making things up

 Lou can conduct a professional investigation using physical surveillance and GPS Tracking to determine if your spouse is involved in an adulteress relationship, visiting Escort Services, Prostitutes or Massage Parlors, or has a drug, alcohol or gambling addiction, or other activities detrimental to the relationship.

Sometimes Lou is happy to let you know that there is no cause for concern ”PEACE OF MIND” knowing the truth is liberating and gives you the opportunity to move on and start a new life.


Lou can help. There is no difference between married and unmarried couples as to how the investigation is handled. Basically the same techniques and tools are used. GPS will not be able to be lawfully used unless the vehicle your partner is driving is registered in your name.


Lou will work with you to get you the information you require to have “PEACE OF MIND” Conducting this type of investigation is no different than conducting any infidelity situation.  You will be met with understanding and compassion.


Are you paying Alimony?

Does your Divorce Decree specifically state that, no one else should be living in the home of your former spouse? Does the decree state that if your ex-spouse does cohabitate with a person of the opposite sex that the Alimony payments will be terminated by the court?

If you suspect that your ex-spouse is cohabitating, Lou Falvo can conduct surveillance and perform the proper records check to prove your case in court relieving you of the burden of making those payments every month.


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